Our Partners

X-Lite Performance Helmets

The company has won first place in the market through its commitment to safety and quality and its drive for innovation.

Metzler Performance Reifen

From Racing & Sport, to Touring or Cruising. At Metzler you will find the right tyre for every application.

HSR Reifenwärmer

Sport tyres or slicks usually offer only limited grip at low temperatures, and these tyres only offer their full grip and damping performance at temperatures of approx. 70° Celsius. This is where HSR tyre warmers can help.

Motorex Oil of Switzerland

How long an engine works depends largely on the engine oil. Therefore the right choice is absolutely crucial and the best quality is just good enough. The many different requirements on the lubricant are very extensive and require a lot of know-how. This is where MOTOREX can help.

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